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Man unbowed [a poem] - poetry


Man Unbowed

Unbowed by sin, the world of man, stands
Upon his feet he gapes into the sky,
The lack of concern of centuries inside his eyes,
And in his heart the curse of the old world.
Who made him dead to love and God?
A thing that breathes only for wants and needs,
With a lack of emotion, a brother to the fox?
Who tightened and hard-pressed up his sharp brow?
(To make him look so grand, so proud-so tall. )
Who was it that created his naked pulse?
Who sucked out his soul from its frame?

Is this the handy work Satan made and gave?
To have charge over man as slave;
To have him chase stars that never reach heaven;
To have him cursed for time devoid of end?
Is this the revenge he dreamed for God and man?
The one fearful out of heaven, into darkness:
Down to earths bring down and Hades, Hell??
There is no dark thing worse than he
More greedy with condemning man to Hell's eternity
More blind-hate with leaches and spells for mans fate-
More packed with demonic revenge for him.

What divides, is flanked by man and Satan!
Slaved to his passions, like a hawk to his prey
Are Jesus and the swing of Merlin, the same?
Who can save the soul from the dip of Hell?
The crack of death, the blackening of the tulips?
Through this peephole, the weary soul has looked;
Times' misfortune is the rule of thumb;
Through this maze humanity has faded,
Raped, blasphemed and bestow his birthright,
Tears and protests to the judges of heaven,
A assert that cannot be given much credence.

O Adversary, lord of the air, ruler of earth,
Is this your achievement in place of God's?
This appalling world, deleted with God's fragrance?
How will they ever come back to faith?
To live afar the gates of heaven;
Give back to man his mortal upright light;
Construct in him, the lost hymn of life hereafter;
Leave out your appalling antediluvian evils
Tedious woes, and insensitive sorrows,
O Adversary, lord of the air, ruler of earth,
How will God's wrath reckon with you later?

How will you avow in that doomful hour?
When the last trumpet blows, and shakes the world
How will it be for your henchmen in Hell?
For you have shaped the human-race, the way it is-
When this day comes, and man and devil tremble
In the sight of All-powerful God, after the silence
Then, the terror of the world: what will you say?

#481 [2/11/2005]

Mr. Siluk was the winner of the magazine battle by "The Eldritch Dark [. com]," [a accolade to Clark A. Smith] for most no-expense-spared writer[contributor] for 2004 [with readership of some 2. 2-million]. And customary a communication of appreciation from Leader Bush for his many articles he in print in the internet magazine, "useless-knowledge. com," at some stage in his battle for president, 2004 [1. 2-million readership]. His website: http://dennissiluk. tripod. com

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