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Pebbles - poetry


As I selected up some of the polished gemstones in the rock store I began to think about what the gravel looked like ahead of they were polished. The store had a number of rocks on ceremony viewing the beforehand and after and I realized that except you knew what you were looking for, you could by a long shot pass by a advantageous gemstone. I also accepted wisdom about how many times we pass by a celebrity for the reason that they look "ordinary" and what we might be lost for the reason that we don't get to know their "inner person". Thus this poem.


Like shingle in a polisher
We are tossed to and fro,
bouncing off each other
while draining off our rough edges.
Sometimes the serration may hurt others,
sometimes we are the ones being hurt,
but as our edges develop into smoother,
our apparent becomes shinier.
What was once hidden
in plain grey rock begins to show
its true colours.
We may have paused to look
at our fellow tumblers
and dismissed some of them
because of the cheerlessness of their coats.
But now they are the stones
that shine the brightest.

Think of the diamond.
It is just a clear-cut crystal
until it is broken, cut and shaped
to bare its inner brilliance.
We too are being tossed and turned
cut and shaped,
in order to bring to light our brilliance.
God the master stone cutter
sees surrounded by our drab outer covering
to the concealed beauty within.
Thanks be to God.

Copyright February 2005

Fran Watson,
http://www. franwatson. ca,
http://www. diet-basics. org,
http://www. moremoney4u. org

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