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The last king of mars [a poetic mytho] - poetry


[As Told by the Last] King: it was in the year 23,700 BC that one of the two moons of earth was hit by a meteor that of which, a great part of the moon broke off and hit earth's become known with a devastating impact. Thus the solar classification absorbed a calamity in inconceivable proportions, from Jupiter to Mars; knocking Earth out of its 100,000-year Ice Age. This cracked three civilizations, two on Earth, and ours on Mars. That is when I left my home, on the giant rim of Olympus Mons, fifteen-miles high, over a thousand miles wide. Atlantis was at first on Mars you know; replanted on earth, from our dregs and remnants. It happened like this?

[Advance] ?as the Earth absorbed its brief catastrophe, we absorbed our doom: the echo of the earth shocked the solar classification and set the Extraterrestrial crust in motion, thus rocking Mars off its axis, snuffing out the planet's captivating field, slowing down its spin-[this is where the poem begins]:

The Face of Mars

The Face of Mars
Now, sculptured
By evocative winds-
Ancient voices
And elapsed dreams?
Once belonged to the Last King?!

'Ah! Yes, yes, like a burning lantern
In a dark sea, it belonged to me?'

Earth and Mars

'I have academic
Life is brief on earth;
For we've been here
Since its inhabitant birth?

Yet, I was the last to descend
Let me explain:

One day on Mars
The lot disappeared;
Next, was the atmosphere;
Then came the rays of the sun,
Water was no longer plentiful

Only in the subsoil Life was more or less gone?. '

Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons [volcano]

'I lived on the rim of Olympus Mons
Where I could see miles below
See the valleys carved

Carved in deep, By antediluvian water flows;
Mars quakes, crust movements!

And to the east
Was the chaotic terrain-
(Liken to Earth's moon)
Beautiful, but not livable;

And our giant volcanoes
With their immense lava
The pride of the universe?

And our dusty monstrous
Dunes-and our once delightful city,
Now just mounds

It was all, all so grand back then;
And that is how it was,
When I was the Last King?. '

Poet and Creator Dennis L. Siluk see website for more information: http://dennissiluk. tripod. com


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