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A world that doesnt care - poetry


War bombs may explode demolishing man and land.
Hurricanes may devastate and leave us completely bare.
Earthquakes may demolish and swallow up old landmarks.
But nil is as destructive as a world that doesn't care.

Smog may be an cruel concern in our daily living.
We all be diagnosed with a lot from pollution in the air.
Intoxicants may be unbearable to those who will imbibe.
But nil is as difficult as a world that doesn't care.

Embezzlers may run off with money not their own.
A partner may engage in an extra-marital affair.
Some folks may be malicious, evil, mean and rude.
But nonentity is as tragic as a world that doesn't care.

The rich may all get richer as the poor get weaker behind.
The aged may find their last days are lived in solitaire.
The young may be lost in a bewildering world maze.
But nonentity is as dreadful as a world that doesn't care.

Diabetes may be deadly and challenge the appetite.
Cancer may be ubiquitous, creating disorder and despair.
Kidneys may all of a sudden fail and demand dialysis.
But nonentity is as fatal as a world that doesn't care.

Our world has many evils for solutions to be found.
Great trials and problems on mankind can overbear.
But hope carcass alive in spite of this small the sparks may be,
If the world does not let leave of its amount to care.

Rev. Saundra L. Washington, is an fated clergywoman, communal worker, and Come to nothing of AMEN Ministries, http://www. clergyservices4u. org. She is also the creator of two chocolate table books: Room Beneath the Snow, Poems that Preach and Negative Disturbances, Homilies that Teach.

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