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Opposites do catch the attention of quite well - poetry


When I am climbing up, you are stepping down.
When I wear a smile, you wear a frown.
When I am very happy, you are air sad.
When I am doing well, you are faring bad.

When I am awfully hot, you are dreadfully cold.
When I am fairly shy, you are awfully bold.
When I am sweet and nice, you are tough and mean.
When I am upset, you are serene.

When I am at peace, you are at war.
When I stand against, you stand for.
When I use a comb, you use a brush.
When I am being slow, you are in a rush.

When I need silence, you need to talk.
When I want to jog, you want to walk.
When I choose to draw, you choose to write.
When I appeal darkness, you appeal light.

When I say, "let's sing," you say, "let's pray. "
When I say, "let's go," you say, "let's stay. "
When I yearn to go by ship, you fancy to go by plane.
When I wish to take the bus, you would fairly take the train.

When I elect the color purple, you choose the color blue.
When I get tonsillitis, you become infected with the flu.
When I want to dance, you elect to sit.
When I'm ready to begin, you're geared up to quit.

When I want a sandwich, you aspiration a full meal.
When I desire for grits, you are hunger oatmeal.
When I deliberate Greece, you delved into Rome.
When I read of St. Francis, you were comprehension St. Jerome.

When I vote Democrats, you vote Republicans.
When I fixed the Methodists, you fixed the Lutherans.
Nevertheless, I love you, and I know that you love me.
Opposites do be a magnet for quite well, would you not agree?

For when I need a big cheese to listen, you are constantly there.
When you are hurting deeply, I show you that I care.
When I need your beefy support, you are continually by my side.
When you need my loving tenderness, I never fail to provide.

When I complete a goal, you bask in my success.
When you be expecting me to say "no," I amazement you and say "yes. "
When I slip into depression, you lift my spirits high.
When you think you may need help, I am all the time on standby.

When you wake up in the morning, I am there with a warm kiss.
When I lay down at night, you rouse me to loving bliss.
When I need to feel protected, you are my guard and shield.
When you're in bed recovering, I don't leave until you're healed.

When I am home alone, you call to check on me.
When we've done each other wrong, we agree to your apology.
I love you so my beloved and I know that you can see.
That opposites do be a focus for quite well, above all you and me.

Rev. Saundra L. Washington, is an fated clergywoman, collective worker, and Come to nothing of AMEN Ministries, http://www. clergyservices4u. org. She is also the biographer of two chocolate table books: Room Beneath the Snow, Poems that Preach and Negative Disturbances, Homilies that Teach.

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