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How I admiration what he's doing as I sit alone at night. How I awe who he's seeing How I admiration if I'm right. How I amazement if he's ever thought of appearance home again, and I amazement if he doesn't can my heart mend yet again.

Lord, I know that You have told me one for love - that one for life, but that one he doesn't want me doesn't care about his wife, and You know how that part hurts me how it cuts me like a knife how I long to just be with him with the one who has my life.

Lord, I want to stop this crying, Lord, I want to stop the pain, Lord I want to stop the sighing, Lord, I want to love again.

But the pain goes on forever, stopping only for a while and I try my best to hide it, behind a affable smile. But You and I know better how the tears still fall like rain, only You and I know how much my heart breaks from all the pain. Only You know how much torture my body and my soul can stand, and You've promised for all trials that I can take Your hand.

And I'm accomplishment out now Jesus because I sure do need a friend, and I'm tired of all the heartache and I pray that it will end.

But I know You hold the future and my life is in Your hands and I'll try my best to follow all the belongings Your Word commands. And I know that I will falter and I know You'll pick me up as I do my best to follow and to drink life from Your cup

Copyright Fran Watson

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