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Its what she didnt say - poetry


When I hear your voice classified my head it makes me think of you every definite day as I fight back tears of depression and astonishment if you're okay

My life is empty not including you I wish time would take away the pain but the ache in my heart persists and my clear-cut hopes seem in vain

I accomplish how much I hurt you and now I know it's too late to tell you how sorry I am and assume you not to hate

I don't deserve a be with ability to show you how much I care when you desired me the most I know I futile to be there

Now your trust in me is gone everlastingly and I will never have the attempt to say I especially hope your dreams come true and happiness finds you every day

I would give about something in life if I could go back to that day and erase the whole lot I said and did to make your despair go away

What hurts the most is this is what you didn't say and the lack of these words haunt me each and every day. . .

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