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Let your feelings be your guide - poetry


The light of all eternity shines with me now / My feelings light up my life / How I find my way is indomitable by them / They light my path and show me who I am

When I was young, I felt so many clothes / Then came the day when I could not stand the pain / My world was chaos then, crammed with distress and grief / So I congested up to guard that fragile Self within

Years would go by ahead of I could open again / I was enforced to by situation ahead of my be in charge of / Life dealt me blows which I later acknowledged as my own / To arouse me to that be sad deep inside my Soul

I worked hard to find my way back to the Light / To that place surrounded by where I could feel once again / There my Heart shone forth with a brave face / And shed light on all that I had concealed

Now I see how I blocked that tender-hearted Self / How I froze in the face of my fortune / Troubles swirled about as a devoted cause of grief / And I fell to sleep out of fear

I am beginning now to the deep void in / Where I've stored all those troubles and pain / I fight my way back to that concentrate once again / So I can come forth finally and be true

My life moves accelerate as of this day / When I committed to judgment my true Self / I've engaged all behavior of demons on this journey / To come again to that Find deep inside

I wish for life to fill me now and bring all it can / I am craving for encounter and for cyst / I want bountiful assets from my Soul to fill me / So that I can truly enjoy all that I behold

This work is every now and then challenging as I have academic / But no more than any task requiring Love / This journey enriches me with its determination / And fills me with Life and Soul

This is my gift to myself, my own holy Soul / To have, to hold and to consider / This Heart that bled is now remedial its wounds / And can flourish again from what Life brings

Let there never be a benefit to where hurts cramp me up / And fill me with acidity and pain / I am awake now, yes, and can move ahead / To be aware all that Life has assigned

Oh glory to you, my Sweet Soul, for advent this day / I thank you from the bed of my Heart / We two can sing at once the praises of Love / That take us advance on this journey because of time

Never let it be said that one so deserving / Could not find his or her way Home / All whom will adhere to shall see this Light in turn / And know that their journey can be won

I take you with me now, my Sweet Soul / For you are here in my hands / Where I can regard you / And together, we can be so bold

"Move on," you say to me. "Move on, my love / The Light requirements for us to do so" / And my Heart sings with the promise / So that "Yes" is the fulfil I can render with ease

My Heart is packed with Love and joy in this jiffy / Knowing that I am with you, my Soul / My feelings tell me you are there and continually were / Till that sleep came over me ahead on

By beginning to your touch do I know You / And find my own truth there in your eyes / You show me by means of Love what my aim can be / I am inspired by this all ears design

I am delighted we are here together, in this life / I am contented that our love is so brawny / For now I can reach you, my Sweet Soul Awe-inspiring / When you call to me from deep surrounded by my Heart

I have your come back with Dear, and know this to be true / That you and I are evermore to be born / In this life or another, we join with each other / And We Soar . . . And We Soar . . . And We Soar . . .

Maurice Turmel has a PHD in Analysis Psychology and was a active counselor for near 25 years. Spiritual and Delicate Development issues are dealt with commonly in his monthly Ezine "The Hungry Times Journal. " The above piece was excerpted from his Not public Development book "Parables for a Current Age. " He has authored 3 such books and is also a the stage songwriter. He can be reached all the way through his Website at: http://www. mauriceturmel. com

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