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Mocking poetry about tony blair - poetry


All Hail.

Is your infirmary full of aliens, in spite of new cleaning firms,
Antenna waving buggies, And hair-raising crawly germs,
Then dont waste an added second, now were into choice spin,
Just complain, over and again, and up pops smiley smiley grin.
You just have to critiscise, or allusion annulment lists,
And smiley smiley grin appears, continually eager to assist,
He doesnt in fact do much, just smiles and talks and grins,
But it takes your mind off the bugs, the odd times He pops in.

Your child has only 15 A+ levels, and is knowledge how to write,
Apparently thats a bit of a problem, to just get the compare right,
But if analysis too is tricky, and Oxbridge hopes looking slim,
Just bang your drum, and hell soon come, knight in shining armor smiley smiley grin.
Hell arrive with a barely girl, who has four of her very own,
Who all have masters arts degrees, all the same still barely half grown,
After lecturing her elders, point of view seemingly trite and thin,
Theres still the decent eyes, vote award-winning smile, of smiley smiley grin.

Is your car in receipt of very wobbly, as if weak at the knees,
Is it even annoying to leave the road, and ram with walls and trees,
It might not in fact be the car, just landing strip being paid fairly thin,
So just avoid all those potholes, and call in smiley smiley grin.
And as its an appointment looming, He wont risk a dodgy trip by car,
A helicopter will come in zooming, moving the Great One from afar,
He says some lonely craters, may even now be in our roads,
Then smiley smiley grin will joke, it will only disconcert frogs and toads.

If youre looking for an interview, with He Who Never Says The Same,
Smiley smiley grin will meet you, on any platform that you name,
You just nominate a as it should be assignation, & hell arrive on the scene right on time,
You wont as youve used the train, and Tory grass are on the line,
Amazingly, on arrival hes still there, teeth joyful bonhomie,
And although your arctic questions show, that achieve is lost on me,
He is master of the camera, and of the qualified sound bite,
And signals and glows and radiates, as if He is the find of light.

And beams over to law and order, onto ad lib live TV,
Where sycophants are lined up, ID parades mainlined on glee,
And amaze amazement TV eyes, smiley smiley grin soon appears,
Faultless brave and magnificent, just about sound for His years,
And yes, the cut off riot, and mass muggings still abound,
But according to most up-to-date figures, it all happens underground,
Anyway most good decent citizens, to accept as true His gauge talk,
Nearly all have vehicles now, and seldom ever have to walk.

What happened to my hardly dustbin, its now got wheels and blue,
And a number of other containers, which say accurately what to do,
They all have barely lurking labels, so even the daft can obey,
And calendars to stick up, so youll know its designate bin day,
Woe betide any aggressive owner, putting cardboard with the grist,
Thats computerized legal fining, & slapping on the wrists,
However, disfigure paint or hide, your beloved huge wheelie bin,
Thats go to jail, dont pass go, in the land of smiley smiley grin.

Or is it a good war you're after, or an end to inclusive strife,
He can do both of these at once, and make both seem considerably nice,
Dont accept as true all that innuendo, put about by the cleanly evil BBC,
Just have faith in in His hardly fables, just have faith in we are all still free,
He can now cure epidemics, save whole continents with a grin,
And smile at all his many critics, put under house arrest by him,
Every lone Royal camera shoot, rock concert or England game,
Smiley smiley grin will muscle in, and make sure hes in the frame.

Are you cowering and shaking, just as apprehensive as a mouse,
Worrying terrorists are attractive up positions round your house,
Do all of your neighbours look even more suspicious than before,
Paranoia, or sinister strangers, when you walk your dog at four,
Just calm your nerves, for they are just smiley guarantee police,
Promoting a fit air of fear, on scary pre choice streets,
If you at length feel that terror, is truly pulsation down your door,
Smiley smiley grin will appear, and tell you good guys to vote for.


Smiley smiley grin will save us all
He is athletic biting and tough,
He will carry us all onwards,
He alone will be enough,
His smile calms the multitudes,
Double smile so sincere you swoon,
And when He grins He at all times wins,
And He continually calls the tune.


But the smile is of a con man,
Extra smiles are actually smirks,
That we see him yet have faith in in him,
Can we especially be such deluded jerks,
So He grins a attractive Cheshire grin,
Stretching clear from ear to ear,
And as long as He gets away with it,
He will assuredly constantly be here.

He often counters with an old chestnut,
Used countless times and ways before,
Just throw Me out with the washing,
If you especially dont want Me any more,
That might work well in the commons,
Where whips tell weaklings where to sign,
But I bet soon more than blankets,
Will be hung from Britains lines.

Malcolm Pugh March 5th 2005.

Smiley Smiley Grin has been tried by people

http://www. stiffsteiffs. pwp. blueyonder. co. uk/smileysmileygrintonyblair. htm

About the Author
Malcolm Pugh - old systems programmer.


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