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The monster mash, a burial ground smash (short story i wrote when i was 11) - poetry


The Monster Mash The Necropolis Smash

Have you heard of the Monster Mash? I consider you know the story of how it came to be, right? Well, I'm here to tell the TRUE story to you.

It sarted out late one night, when all monsters where out of human sight. Then a tune happening before a live audience and I jumped from fright! The monsters appeared! What an eerie sight!

They were movin' and a grovin'! Rockin' and a rollin'! There was no way to stop this party, aside from to say "Do the Mash!"

As soon as I did each one stared! Frankenstein and Dracula said "The Mash?" So I explained, "Yeah, you know? The monster Mash? THe necropolis smash? Choose tell me you know the Mash!"

"Um. . . " all the monsters replied "no. "

Then I educated all the monsters the Mash! We were dancing for six hours straight!

It was such a delight that I go everynight! At times I even ask my human friends!

Last night there was a huge surprise. We found out that the swamp monster from the Black Tarn was also doing the Monster Mash! So if you see Piranha's jumping about they are just grovin' along with the music!

The dance has develop into so accepted that their is now a song!

Last time I went dancing the Sarcophagus Bangers came! They're the best ever! Of classes you won't accept as true me until you here them!

Wolfman, Dracula, and his son came! So did many others, as well as ghouls and zombies. Next time you be supposed to come!

Well, if your monster fiend ever needs some dancing help come above-board to me! Some where contained by him he knows the Monster Mash!

Now the cast doubt on is. . . .


I wrote this when I was 11 and was wondering what you attention of it? I think there are some spaces where I want to adjustment things, but I won't. When I wrote this I was happy with, so why adjust it now?

What do you think of it?

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