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Ocean heal me - poetry


Ocean Heal Me

Ocean heal my wounds
Let your waves curl and foam on my body
Wash away blood, heal scars

Ocean renew me with your power
As interminably you roll
Giving depth that's been drained

Ocean keep me warm
Wrap me in your brine
Caress me with your tides

Ocean disband my tears
As they flow in you
I bathe my soul

Ocean let me grow in your depths
Color me brilliant blue, coral, green
Clear = revitalized

Ocean your spray anoints me
Cool and refreshed
My spiritual renewal

Ocean be my friend
Hold me flowing in your currents
Ever moving, ever changing

Ocean, heal me.

1983 Susan Bacon

Susan Bacon is a researcher, dramatist and teacher. You can associate her all the way through http://www. ecoentrepreneur. org


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