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Find the magic - poetry



Find the Magic As you announcement old oppression Come out of hiding And see the stars

Find the Magic As you expose the pain Let the tears flow And find beauty in your body

Find the Magic As you scream from the beating Run from the threats And feel the affection of a hug

Find the Magic As the diminutive girl is silenced Told she is too smart for her own good And she finds her place of honor as she speaks her mind

Find the Magic As the ghosts creep into dream Haunt your daily life And you meet them at the crossroads and move on

Find the Magic As you drift out of your body, avoiding the anger Observe the separation And you join the body temple once again to celebrate in this exclusive wonder

Find the Magic As you snoop to the conflicts and Watch in horror And emerge from the water whole and charming in a rainbow of colors

Find the Magic, For you are whole once again

© 2004 Susan Bacon

Susan Bacon is an researcher, educationalist and author. Associate her all through her web site http://www. ecoentrepreneur. org

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