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Kens poem - poetry


How wonderfully sweet to be a dweller

dwelling on the road of goodbye.

Bittersweet tears fall as I think

of all the spaces I'll never see,

all the faces I'll never know,

all the joys I'll never share,

as I head for the unknown.

I have lived life as best I could,

met challenges head on,

drawing dilution from an unseen source.

You cannot come with me on this journey

you can only stand and watch,

sometimes the more arduous task.

I know what I must do

and I will give for my part a voice

drawn from the hidden depths of my being.


For Ken

June 1, 2003

copyright Fran Watson

Fran is a Consultant, Workshop Developer/Presenter, and Toastmaster.   More in rank can be found at my website www. franwatson. ca where you can also sign up for my free ezine.

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