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Banana nation - poetry


Like a cat I slumber, ecstatically unencumbered,
Through eighty per cent of my fixed span,
Occasionally awoken, when difference of opinion is spoken,
And I contrive a further cunning five year plan,
Lately it was pensions, that were being mentioned,
So I rented from the French and Robespierre,
Scrap all that went before, saved by tooth and claw,
And let my all equal Citizens appear,
Currently it is time, for me to be in my prime,
For there is a further ballot vote looming,
I have to arrive on the scene sincere, for part of this advent year,
And confirm each that all is booming,
Never mind close quotas, Ive imported multitudes of voters,
And told them which party let them stay,
Though Ive rigged the postal vote, and defamed all and sundry of note,
You never know what might crop up on the day.

So to be on the safe side, I swallow all my pride,
And allow my colonize to hear my deified voice,
And roll out the charade, put on the facade,
And even make deem they have a choice,
Next time about the crown, will be firmed underground,
House of Lords and Lord Chancellor history,
With the other Chancellor gone, I alone will soldier on,
Yes, then there will only ever be me,
Ill hold elections for you, as all dictators do,
And fill positions with those that fat my palm,
As for civil unrest, there is all the time house arrest,
Or cloak-and-dagger captivity for those that mean me harm.

So from citizen nursery, via instructive history,
You can in time join the New Labour Youth,
Be skilled gay is fun, and the state is come to one,
And any other judgment is untruth.

Ask the media if unsure, or philosophically impure,
Brainwashing British Citizens is their forte,
They will clearly put you right, or visit you at night,
Either way they will stop you being naughty.

Meekly adhere to all the rules, laid down in our schools,
Where state is all and erudition is suppressed,
And you can carefully be ignored, not seen as being flawed,
Just be a different add up to like the rest.

Better far to be, a part of mediocrity,
Within your state and the seeds they have sown,
Than to disappear, or to live in continual fear,
For having a mind and will all of your own.

How is it that we, lost the choice to be free,
How did we give away our right to choice,
How did we believe, even as being deceived,
When did we choose to lose our voice.

How did we cliquey the politically correct,
Why are we victims of scot-free crime,
Were we such fools as not to see the tools,
Or did we think they would go away in time.

The tap is dismally dripping, droplets that are gripping,
Our throats today our minds in time to come,
We must turn the tide, and reiterate our pride,
We must prove we are not deaf and dumb.

It is no good wailing, chained up to your railing,
That you want the vote back like before,
For no one hears your plea, they are deaf to you and me,
No on cares about us any more.

This is about manipulation, of us and of our nation,
This is about illusions triumph over authentic reason,
This is about lies, and the power to mesermerise,
This is about a gradually creeping treason,
This is about the eviscery, of the neutral BBC,
This is about what poison will soon take its place,
This is about five year plans, and Citizens of Euroland,
This is about civil service, with a very red face,
This is about soaps and plays, which in very crafty ways,
Try to put into our minds new sets of plausible truths,
This is about newspaper demise, in the guise of purveying lies,
Whilst the state preaches Pravda by means of schools to our youth,
This is about ability to see and sound, and any means that is allowed,
Trying to convince you aligned with your own customary sense,
This is about duplicity, construction seem true what cannot be,
And hopeful you will at very least sit on the fence.

This is about unelected expertise, being paid huge taxpayer fees,
Alaister Campbells instruct of used car salesmen integrity,
This about usage of such curs, and their lies, and their slurs,
To pull the wool over the eyes of you and me.

Maybe feeble conflict is fuelling this submission,
But this is not about parties or their competence,
This is austerely a war, not about who to vote for, But who to absolutely vote against.

Malcolm Pugh was a civil trick then a systems programmer - to some extent deranged retired now.

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