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Why i enjoy writing? - poetry


During interviews and broad-spectrum conversations with the public,one of the most challenging questions for me to answer(timely and thoroughly) is,"Why do you enjoy writing"?

So due to the challenge manifested in such a question,I pondered on creating an answer. Many reasons came to mind,but after digesting much"time for thought",I managed to condense my comeback to three items. I enjoy copy for three reasons: self-expression,personal sensitivity and thirst for adventure.

"Self-expression" is our Creator's gift to all-everyone has a touch to say. The change comes with how a character expresses him or herself. Having an conduit to relieve ones inner disorder or joy is necessary;and when the consequences is a clean-living construction of some type,it ought to be collective with others. Complexity arises when difficult to convey how others feel since a person's self-expression(being a writer) is a prerequisite to accord another's expression(being an editor). There's an interwovenness of not public feelings,dogma and personality allied with a person's self-expression. Much of what writers' convey is the conclusion of the chemistry of feelings,experience or both. Most of the time the writers' feelings prevail. Deep down in all of us there are voices whose vocal chords are pencils behind you to be sharpened and used. Self-expression is the breath of opinion,the debauchery of disposition and the only river worth drowning in. "Honesty" rules the castle of "self-expression".

"Personal sensitivity" varies from being to person. Much of a person's ethical,ethnical,moral and environmental exposers dictates his or her perception of the world. Some writers concentrate only on a a number of chastisement of their total resources. Others are more itinerant and investigational as to absorb from a code of all ambiance obtained. Inspiration ignites sensitivity whether it be amazing heard,felt or read. To be able to characterize a sensation by the use of words is satisfying. Atmosphere make,break,increase and cut the rhythms of ones mental and bodily compositions. Ones "degree of compassion" rules the castle of "personal sensitivity".

The "thirst for adventure" deters boredom. Anyone, whether being a critic or not,imagines events,incidents,possibilities and probabilities in their minds. These mental occurrences(visions) dwell contained by us for short periods of time and every so often forever. But until the inspirations are subjected to some type of tangible(music,painting,literature,sculpture,etc. )medium, they can't be known and common with others. If you don't want to be creative,you won't be!! Good writers aren't born,they are crafted!!! You are the lettering that you write about!! You're a vital part of the incidents you describe. If you're inscription about a diehard tyrant,you are that tyrant!! If it's a cross about the world,you're on that voyage!! Just meeting in the boat won't do it!!! One must set sail to extinguish the "thirst for adventure".

Writers are day-in day-out dreamers,dressed in all colors,travelling athwart paper pulp by way of a dictionary.

Now I ask you,"Why do you enjoy writing"?

By: Arthur Charles Ford Sr. ,poet/lyricist P. O. BOX 4725,PITTSBURGH,PA. 15206


Copyright . A. C. Ford,Sr. ,2003

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