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Welcome to the Town of Feeling

Happy, Sad, Mad and Glad, Moved in down the streetCautious watched them, from her window, Wondering, which one must I meet?Confused came in with overwhelmed and said, "The Panics have come to town"Then Hopeful called the carefulls, And said that Happy was a clown.Anxious came in with the news, Confident had called a town meetingTo take a vote for Mayor, And to Appreciated the new neighbors to Feeling.

A Case of The Fears

Chicken Soup is good for a coldSleep is good for the FluWhen I get a case of the FearsWhat is a character to do?It is not bacteriaAlthough it can eat away my soulIt is not a virusYet, it can keep me from ambiance wholeI know what will do the trick,What will put me back on top,A great big bowl of Ice CreamWill exceedingly hit the spotThat was great and now I am doneOne bowl just won't doIf one is good, then more is greatAnd now I have eaten two.Bowls three, four, five and sixCame and then they wentI think my case of the fears are fixedLook at how my time was spentI am being paid sleepyIt is time to go to bedMy fears are no longer in my stomachNow they are in my headI close my eyes and I can boil Fears I want to killI will do, anything it takesTo keep the monsters still.

I Hate The Wait (Weight)

I get up in the morningAnd want to stay in bedOh, so nice and warmLike fresh from the oven bread.My day is oh so busyI wish that I could stayIn the quiet of my houseIf only I could play.

Why I enjoy Writing?

During interviews and broad-spectrum conversations with the public,one of the most challenging questions for me to answer(timely and thoroughly) is,"Why do you enjoy writing"?So due to the challenge manifested in such a question,I pondered on creating an answer. Many reasons came to mind,but after digesting much"time for thought",I managed to condense my reaction to three items.


Growing hurts sometimes; saying goodbye to friends, to effects you've known and done to effects you required to do. Growing heals sometimes the devastated dreams and hopes of a life you once knew leading you to a new comprehension of yourself.

Kens Poem

How wonderfully sweet to be a dweller dwelling on the road of goodbye. Bittersweet tears fall as I think of all the seats I'll never see, all the faces I'll never know, all the joys I'll never share, as I head for the unknown.

Find the Magic

FIND the MAGICFind the Magic As you circulate old repression Come out of hiding And see the starsFind the Magic As you expose the pain Let the tears flow And find beauty in your bodyFind the Magic As you scream from the beating Run from the threats And feel the affection of a hugFind the Magic As the hardly girl is silenced Told she is too smart for her own good And she finds her place of honor as she speaks her mindFind the Magic As the ghosts creep into dream Haunt your daily life And you meet them at the crossroads and move onFind the Magic As you drift out of your body, avoiding the anger Observe the separation And you join the body temple once again to cheer in this exclusive wonderFind the Magic As you listen in to the conflicts and Watch in horror And emerge from the water whole and delightful in a rainbow of colorsFind the Magic, For you are whole once again� 2004 Susan BaconSusan Bacon is an researcher, educator and author. Acquaintance her because of her web site http://www.

Ocean Heal Me

Ocean Heal MeOcean heal my wounds Let your waves curl and foam on my body Wash away blood, heal scarsOcean renew me with your power As constantly you roll Giving asset that's been drainedOcean keep me warm Wrap me in your brine Caress me with your tidesOcean disband my tears As they flow in you I purify my soulOcean let me grow in your depths Color me alive blue, coral, green Clear = revitalizedOcean your spray anoints me Cool and refreshed My spiritual renewalOcean be my friend Hold me flowing in your currents Ever moving, ever changingOcean, heal me.� 1983 Susan BaconSusan Bacon is a researcher, creator and teacher.


now is not the time to open open that great door again not the time to be more tolerant not the time to play to winnow is not the time for justice evolution mercy choices not the time to pet the puppies yipping with pathetic voicesnow is not the time for kindness not the time for compromise not the time for loving blindness not the time to close my eyesnow for one too many people not that i have gained no good heart has sown but flesh is reaping tears to mind and atrophied bloodnow my inner wolf seeks equals only those whose chords can howl deadly whether lone or social defending young or on the prowltell me not that you would die upon the spines of my displeasure live for me and for you will i cherish each cell as if a treasureput me not contained by a cage but roam with me all through snow and sun be by my side or breathe my dust for i shall bleed again for noneNiki Lasher Artist, Writer, and Webmatron http://www.kthulah.


JOINEDHeart beat of man pounding - yet unheard joined becomes the beat of a nation.Words of man written - yet unread joined becomes a proclamation.

My Final Defeat - Fixed Competition

She almost certainly can't commit to memory and I know I can never forget..

You Lost Your Last Chance and Me

I will never think twice nor will I roll the dice When it comes to my life I will take my Grannio's adviceYou play the hand you're dealt when it comes to who will be your Dad - But if you bluff about a card's face value for too many years you disregard you had - No Aces or King of Hearts in your first deck - But instead a worthless Joker-So Wild and Mad..

Its What She Didnt Say

When I hear your voice exclusive my head it makes me think of you every lone day as I fight back tears of despondency and astonishment if you're okayMy life is empty lacking you I wish time would take away the pain but the ache in my heart persists and my austere hopes seem in vainI accomplish how much I hurt you and now I know it's too late to tell you how sorry I am and anticipate you not to hateI don't deserve a be with attempt to show you how much I care when you considered necessary me the most I know I botched to be thereNow your trust in me is gone eternally and I will never have the accidental to say I exceedingly hope your dreams come true and happiness finds you every dayI would give just about something in life if I could go back to that day and erase the lot I said and did to make your anguish go awayWhat hurts the most is this is what you didn't say and the nonappearance of these words haunt me each and every day..

My hero, my best friend, my Grannio (a.k.a my Grandmother)

She raised me like I was her own daughter from the day I was born 32 years ago.She loved me like minion else has ever loved me in my life.

Ive Learned

You cannot make a big cheese love you. All you can do is be a big cheese who can be loved.

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State Poetry Champ to Attend UA in Fall  UANews

Before Edgardo Aguilar knew about the likes of William Yeats and Maya Angelou, he fell in love with the poetry of musical artists such as Tupac, Bob Dylan and ...

A new installation encourages people to read poetry

Write by the Rails (WbtR), the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writer's Club, is pleased to announce the launch of an area-wide poetry installation entitled ...

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Clarinetist and composer Ben Goldberg created recordings inspired by the poetry of Dean Young, who then wrote more poems in response to the music.

Meet Colorado's New Poet Laureate  University of Denver

As his email signature will tell you, Bobby LeFebre is many things — word architect, performer and cultural worker, to name just a few. And as of July 23, he's ...

Poet Saida Dahir On 'The Walking Stereotype'  NPR

Eighteen-year-old Muslim Somali refugee Saida Dahir is an activist and hopes to inspire as a spoken word artist. Her debut poetry album is The Walking ...

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Memorising poetry is a kind of long-term investment. To take a poem with us so we can truly know it, we must know it by heart.

‘Does poetry have a gender issue?’  Irish Times

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Joy Harjo’s stunning new collection and other best poetry collections this month  The Washington Post

If you read only one book of poems this summer, make it “An American Sunrise” (Norton) by Joy Harjo, the first Native American to be named U.S. poet laureate.

The Revolving Museum adds poetry to life in Downtown Crossing  Boston Herald

The Revolving Museum's Poetry Mobile brought poetry, fashion and basketball into Downtown Crossing Monday and Tuesday. Poetry written by middle and ...

UK Alumna Joy Priest Awarded Coveted Donald Hall Prize for Poetry  UKNow

UK College of Communication and Information alumna Joy Priest has been awarded the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Donald Hall Prize for Poetry ...

New poetry collection by Asheboro resident released  Asheboro Courier Tribune

ASHEBORO — Finishing Line Press of Georgetown, Ky., is proud to announce the release of "Waiting for the Wood Thrush," a new poetry collection by ...

125 poets in lineup for weekend Boston Poetry Marathon

BOSTON (AP) — Ready, set, recite: The Boston Poetry Marathon is back. The annual event began Friday and runs through the weekend at the Community ...

A Book That Examines the Writing Processes of Two Poetry Giants  The Atlantic

William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge once spent a grueling year in nature, subsequently producing some of their most resonant works.

LOGOS Poetry Collective Announces Event with Naomi Shihab Nye and Carrie Fountain  Broadway World

Austin-based LOGOS Poetry Collective is thrilled to announce an unforgettable evening of poetry and communal conversation featuring Texas Poet Laureate ...

'17 Spa City Slam winner featured at Wednesday Night Poetry  Hot Springs Sentinel

Costa Rican poet, musician, mental health advocate and 2017 winner of the Spa City Slam, Noelia Cerna, will be this week's feature for Wednesday Night Poetry ...

'I want to blur that line': Student poet finds the sacred in the secular  The Daily Tar Heel

UNC senior Hanna Watson is bringing worlds together with her words and igniting a conversation on race relations.

Local Poets May Now Apply for Honorary Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Post  The Silicon Valley Voice

The County and SVCREATES are looking for the Santa Clara County Poet Laureate. They will bring awareness around poetry and celebrate the literary arts.

Detroit's poetry community looks to reinforce foothold in city's future  The Neighborhoods

While many Detroiters believe the city can only progress with updates to infrastructure or an influx of business, Detroit's poetry community is asking that the ...

Poetry Slam returns to Kathie’s Stage Door Pub during Manitowoc Art Slam weekend  Herald Times Reporter

10 featured poets will share their works during Poetry Slam: After Hours from 6 to 8 p.m. Sept. 21 at Kathie's Stage Door Pub.

The healing power of poetry  AAMCNews

It beats like a heart, soothes emotional wounds, and builds life-giving connections. Rafael Campo, physician and award-winning author, prescribes poetry for ...

Bookshop Vending Machines Distribute Poetry from Behind Bars  Nonprofit Quarterly

July 26, 2019; Star Tribune. When you turn the knob on the vending machine in a Minnesota bookstore, do not expect a gumball or little plastic toy. Instead, you'll ...

Lee Bennett Hopkins, Champion of Poetry for Children, Dies at 81  The New York Times

Lee Bennett Hopkins, who in scores of anthologies he edited as well as in his own writings used poetry as a tool to teach and fire the imaginations of young ...

Alejandro G. Inarritu on the Need to Preserve Poetry in Cinema  Variety

Alejandro G. Inarritu on the loss of poetry in storytelling, the challenges of producing and "the dictatorship of the algorithm."

Preview: Kilbixy Poetry evening  Westmeath Examiner

At a previous poetry evening in Kilbixy, (from left) Avril Walsh providing musical entertainment; and Watson Mills and Oliver Higgins reading. Image 2 of 3.

For 3 years, we've asked artists to define California desert beauty. These are their stories  The Desert Sun

There's beauty to be found in the California desert. I've learned to predict the best sunsets by the number of clouds in the sky. The fewer there are, the less sorbet ...

Greenville's Glenis Redmond uses poetry in her battle with cancer  Greenville News

The Peace Center's poet-in-residence, Glenis Redmond, has always considered herself to be a warrior. Now she wants to concentrate on this battle.

Cork electrician turns passion for poetry into wedding speech business  Irish Examiner

Former electrician Cormac Lally turned his passion for poetry into a business where he writes wedding speeches in verse, says Marjorie Brennan.

The Case of the “Disappearing” Poet  The New Republic

From Hollywood movies to children's books, there has probably never been more discussion of how people of color are represented in American culture than ...

My View: The subtle rewards of poetic pursuits  Buffalo News

By David R. Young Reading poetry is not on many people's to-do list. And writing poetry is on even fewer. Yet “doing poetry” has become my avocation since I …

Poetry: In This Perfect Moment  Adirondack Almanack

In This Perfect Moment. Let us sojourn, amid sentient, sentinel pines. Let us sit and pass the time, forgetting all care, Sharing our true natures, and smiling ...

At age 101, this woman released her first collection of poems  The Washington Post

Sarah Yerkes was in her 90s when a friend invited her to try something new. A graduate of Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, Yerkes had had ...

Muni Poetry - Outbound to Shipyard (19 Polk)

This article is part of a poetry series dedicated to every Muni route in San Francisco. You can find the poet, Mc "Mack" Allen, on twitter at @that_mc. Outbound to ...

The Statue of Liberty, the 'Mending Wall,' and the politicization of poetry  Washington Examiner

When the Statue of Liberty stretches out its arms to the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses, it ought to have a few caveats, according to one Trump ...

A Poetry Workshop: Finding Beauty & Rhythm in Poetry | 08/22/2019 | Event Calendar  Traverse City Ticker

The poets discussed include Mary Oliver, Phillip Levine, Jim Harrison, Joy Harjo, the new Poet Laureate, Fleda Brown, & Jack Gilbert.

Local poet Melissa Barrett gets playfully serious in first collection  Columbus Alive

Melissa Barrett was ready for an adventure. After growing up in Kent, Ohio, and attending Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, she had plans to go to the ...

The best recent poetry – review roundup  The Guardian

Skin Can Hold by Vahni Capildeo, Anthony Anaxagorou's After the Formalities and The Tradition by Jericho Brown.

Speaking Poetry with a Pathbreaking Poet Laureate  Washington Examiner

When Joy Harjo speaks, she does so poetically. “We're not trying to mean exactly here,” she says as she explains what distinguishes poetry from other types of ...

Why Spoken Word Artist Regie Cabico Calls Himself an 'Accidental Poet'

The renowned slam poetry artist is performing at Smithsonian's Asian American Literature Festival in August and is featured in the latest Sidedoor podcast.

Obituary: David Berman, Poet of Loss and the Beauty of Being Lost  Vanity Fair

The poet and musician, who died Wednesday at age 52, was an intimate companion to a generation of listeners—even if they never knew him.

Poetry Contest Winner: Breaking My Mother's Addiction  The Chronicle of Social Change

In this winning poem from the 2019 Words Unlocked contest, a poet reckons with their mothers addiction and breaking the cycle.

Poetry on parade in Bloomington | Sun Current  ECM Publishers

Copyright © 2018 at Sun Newspapers/ APG Media of East Central Minnesota. Digital dissemination of this *content* without prior written consent is a violation of ...

Works of Justice: An Interview with Prison Poet Laureate Eduardo “Echo” Martinez  PEN America

Works of Justice is an online series that features *content* connected to the PEN America Prison and Justice Writing Program, reflecting on the relationship ...

Official Trailer for 'Don't Be Nice' Doc About Bowery Slam Poetry Team  First Showing

Something really heavy in the world just happened... What do we want to say about? Preach! This film deserves a shout! An official trailer is available.

Jay Mohr brings his brand of wizardry to Cincy Brew Ha-Ha

Move over, Andrew Dice Clay. There's another poet on the comedy scene, and he's headlining this year's edition of Cincy Brew Ha-Ha. Jay Mohr can add that ...

Ashford woman's poetry covers the many facets of life  Journal Inquirer

Credit The Doors frontman Jim Morrison for inspiring Torrye LaFlamme of Ashford to begin writing poetry.

Science and Poetry: More Similar Than You Think  WCAI

Science and poetry aren't necessarily seen as complementary - and certainly not overlapping - pursuits. But Elisa New, Harvard University professor and.

One of Richmond's favorite poets keeps hope alive in face of conflict  The Jewish News of Northern California

Poet Robert Lipton has witnessed violence in the Middle East — and in his East Bay hometown of Richmond. They are not the same, but both drive him to ...

With poetry and letter to future, Iceland performs funeral for lost Okjokull glacier  India Today

With poetry, moments of silence and political speeches about the urgent need to fight climate change, Icelandic officials, activists and others bade goodbye to ...

POET To Idle Plants In Response To EPA Waivers

On Tuesday POET announced it will idle production at its bioprocessing facility in Cloverdale, IN because of the Small Refinery Exemptions (SREs) the EPA ...

NPR Summer Reader Poll 2019: Funny Books  NPR

We thought you might need a laugh right about now, so this year's summer reader poll celebrates all the books (and one short story, and a few uncategorizable ...

23 collections of Canadian poetry to watch for this fall

Check out the Canadian poetry coming out in the second half of 2019 that we can't wait to read.

BBC World Service - Newsday, The young Somali refugee writing poetry in the US  BBC News

The teenage poet living in Salt Lake City tells us what inspires her work.

New CO Poet Laureate Says "We Need Poets Now More Than Ever”  KRCC

Colorado has a new poet laureate. Bobby LeFebre is an Emmy-nominated performer who thinks poetry has the power to heal and promote cultural change.

Poetry of the proletarians  Livemint

Migrant workers in Singapore are writing books and poetry to tell their stories of struggle.Workers from India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, China, the Philippines and ...

Rightnowish: Alan Chazaro Navigates Machismo with Poetry  KQED

The Oakland teacher steps out with a collection of poetry, titled 'This Is Not a Frank Ocean Cover Album.'

They must campaign in poetry  The Washington Post

Then-New York Gov. Mario Cuomo famously said, “You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose.” Unfortunately, too many of the Democratic presidential ...

The Poetry Block Party Is Coming Back to Pilsen

On Saturday, July 27, the fourth annual Poetry Block Party kicks off at Pilsen's National Museum of Mexican Art for a day of readings, workshops, concerts, and ...

2019 Fighting Words poetry workshops  Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

In spring 2019, the Pulitzer Center led Fighting Words poetry workshops for 800+ students in Chicago, Winston-Salem, and DC. Read a sampling of their work ...

Richard Blanco: Using Poetry to Illuminate Immigration, Borders, and Boundaries  Rivard Report

Richard Blanco, inaugural poet for President Obama, read Tuesday at the Central Library, and reads again Thursday evening at McAllister Auditorium.

Angels’ loss to the Chicago White Sox is not poetry in motion  OCRegister

ANAHEIM – Mike Trout launched his 41st home run of the season against the Chicago White Sox on Friday. That leads the major leagues and matches Trout's ...

Poetry selections for the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre  People's World

A colored engraving that depicts the Peterloo Massacre, a military suppression of a demonstration in Manchester, England by cavalry charge on August 16, ...

Sidewalk Poetry 2019: New Voices · KYMN Radio · Northfield, MN · AM 1080 & FM 95.1

Date/Time Date(s) - Thu, Aug 29 6:30 pm. Location Northfield Bridge Square. Categories No Categories. The public is invited to the Sidewalk Poetry Celebration ...

'I, too, sing America': readers share poetry to conquer hate  The Guardian

After four congresswomen faced racist attacks last week, we asked Guardian readers to share inspiring lines from poems and literature about overcoming hate.

People's Poetry & Jazz Festival  The Philadelphia Tribune

The People's Poetry and Jazz Festival is one of Philadelphia's premier annual summer cultural arts events. Taking place on Saturday at Vernon Park, 5800 ...

Was the poet John Keats a graverobber?  BBC News

Did the English Romantic poet John Keats steal bodies from graves? A closer look at some of the 19th-Century writer's most revered works, including his famous ...

Button Poetry Fans Are In Luck: Audiobooks Are Now Available  Book Riot

Spoken word and slam poetry have become increasingly popular in the last few years. They have captured readers' attention for their rawness and beauty and ...

Brexiteers write poems to leaving the EU after getting offended that poet laureate won't  The New European

Brexiteers have started writing poetry, after the poet laureate said he had no particular plans to commemorate Brexit in writing.

CT Poets’ Corner: Elizabeth Thomas uses her writing to make sense of the world  Hartford Courant

Connecticut Poets' Corner is a monthly feature highlighting the poetry of Connecticut authors. The August 2019 poet is Elizabeth Thomas of Columbia.

Will H Ogilvie: How a Borders boy became a leading bush poet  BBC News

William Henry Ogilvie hailed from the Scottish Borders - but it was his evocation of the Australian outback that made his name as a poet. As the 150th ...

Eileen Myles Made a Road-Trip Film Driven By Poetry, Politics, and Puppetry.  Bedford + Bowery

When I first read Eileen Myles's 1994 classic Chelsea Girls, I was certain it was nonfiction. I think I may have told an inquiring stranger on the subway that it was ...

Brinkman passionate about poetry as public art form  Current in Carmel

By Laura Anderson. Joyce Brinkman began writing poetry at age 9 and has not stopped. Brinkman has long been an avid advocate for poetry. The Zionsville ...

Library invites you to discover the mystery of poetry's words, emotions

Poetry Circle North happens the first Wednesday of every month from September through December.

How poetry literally saved the life of a famed Yiddish writer  JTA News

MINSK, Belarus (JTA) — When Yiddish poet Avraham Sutzkever said that poetry saved his life, he meant it more literally than many of his listeners realized.

Glittering lines, fine lyricism and sharp wit in three new poetry collections  Irish Times

Poetry: New work from Vona Groarke, Maureen McLane and Gabriel FitzMaurice.

Reflecting diversity of St. Paul, sidewalk poetry winners include new languages  Minnesota Public Radio News

This spring, Public Art St. Paul opened its sidewalk poetry competition to works in Dakota, Hmong, Somali and Spanish — and some of those poems are among ...

Alachua County Commission creates new poet laureate position  The Independent Florida Alligator

Calling all poets: for the first time, the Alachua County Commission is seeking a poet laureate. Position requirements. Participate in events by writing and reading ...

Guy makes a hilarious slam poetry video for sister who didn't FaceTime him back  Mashable

After not answering a FaceTime message, a guy sent his sister a video of him performing an improvised slam poetry on her betrayal.

Poetry competition: An ode to Brexit

Poetry competition: An ode to Brexit on Coffee House | 'Poetry makes nothing happen,' a famous poet once said. But Mr S is still disappointed to hear that…

VIU professor Sonnet L'Abbé writes over Shakespeare in new book of poetry  Nanaimo News Bulletin

In Sonnet L'Abbé's latest book, the local poet and VIU professor superimposes her own truth and experience over the words of William Shakespeare.

'Poetry Is A Spiritual Language': Burlington Poet Rajnii Eddins  Vermont Public Radio

On an evening in late June, Burlington poet Rajnii Eddins stood at a podium at the Fletcher Free Library. He wore a sweatshirt printed with Malcolm X's face and ...

Grit and grace: SMU's Hal Recinos left street life to become poet and professor  Dallas News

Harold "Hal" Recinos is a professor of theology, an accomplished poet, a jazz flautist, an ordained elder of the United Methodist Church, and a Central American ...

In praise of John Cooper Clarke, our real poet laureate  The Guardian

His recent appearance on Desert Island Discs was a magnificent reminder of his huge talent, kind heart and sparkling wit, says Suzanne Moore.

Young STL word warriors win international poetry slam  St. Louis American

The UrbArts Organization's youth poetry slam team won first place at the 2019 Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival last month in Las ...

EPIC Poetry Group: Cutting Firewood, Reflections, Day Dream  My Edmonds News

Poet's Corner is presented by the Edmonds-based EPIC Poetry Group. Cutting Firewood. I miss cutting firewood,. cutting ,splitting, carrying, stacking,. scrounging ...

Meet the medieval Welsh poet who wrote odes to her vagina

Plus, libraries are becoming flashy tourist attractions, and all the rest of the week's best writing on books and related *content*.

His double life as a construction worker and a 'famous poet' in Singapore - and the price he paid  CNA

Basking in fame after his book was published, Mohd Mukul Hossine was increasingly unhappy with life as a migrant worker. But could he afford to ignore reality, ...

From war memoirs to poetry: The seniors turning to book publishing in their 80s and 90s  The Straits Times

The Straits Times speaks to four Singaporeans in their 80s and 90s who are finding a second spring in writing books.. Read more at

'The Negro Artist' tells his own identity story through poetry  Columbia Missourian

Caleb Rainey's debut book, "Look, Black Boy," which he read from recently at Skylark Bookshop, speaks to his experience growing up black in the Midwest and ...

Salon at Mac-O-Chee honors Cincinnati poet  Urbana Daily Citizen

WEST LIBERTY - Join those who love history and poetry for the 3rd Salon at Mac-O-Chee featuring the life and work of Sarah M. B. Piatt, whose work is being.

Poetry Sunday: Wilderness Sarchild  WCAI

Wilderness Sarchild reads her poem, "It Was Like This: You Were Young."

How Devotional Poetry Unlocks the Bible's Surprises

A new anthology helps us see the “saints and stumblers” of Scripture with *fresh* eyes.

Bella Thorne shares personal struggles in 1st poetry book  Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Bella Thorne says people are confused by her and she doesn't understand why, but maybe her new book will clear things up. "People ...

Opera inspired Walt Whitman; now his poetry is doing the same for musicians  Minneapolis Star Tribune

Had it not been for classical music, and opera in particular, Walt Whitman's poetry would probably never have been written. It sounds a ridiculously bold, even ...

The heartbreaking poetry a 17-year-old wrote before he was shot to death  The Washington Post

The July 24 Metro article “ 'But in my head, I just say D.C. is full of hate' ” introduced readers to Ahkii Washington-Scruggs, a 17-year-old Dunbar Senior High ...

Revolving Museum's Poetry Mobile comes to Downtown Crossing  BayStateBanner

On Aug. 19 and 20, an unusual vehicle will make its way through Downtown Crossing. The refurbished 1952 Ford pickup and trailer, painted a whimsical black ...

National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo 2019 - The Salina Post  Salina Post

ABILENE — The National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo is an annual event in Abilene earlier this month. Fashioned after a stock rodeo, it is designed to pit the skills of ...

In Praise of Walt Whitman  National Review

When Walt Whitman published Leaves of Grass in 1855, it drew some savage reviews. The splenetic Rufus W. Griswold (famous for slandering the dead Edgar ...

Montana's new Poets Laureate focusing on collaboration, mutual respect  Helena Independent Record

For the first time ever, Montana has two Poets Laureate.

Maryland poet laureate connects the community, creates safe spaces to discover inner thoughts

For the first time in Annapolis as a poet laureate for Maryland, Grace Cavalieri, read her work in front of a crowd in a restaurant that created a poetry series.

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