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Welcome to the Town of Feeling

Happy, Sad, Mad and Glad, Moved in down the streetCautious watched them, from her window, Wondering, which one must I meet?Confused came in with overwhelmed and said, "The Panics have come to town"Then Hopeful called the carefulls, And said that Happy was a clown.Anxious came in with the news, Confident had called a town meetingTo take a vote for Mayor, And to Appreciated the new neighbors to Feeling.

A Case of The Fears

Chicken Soup is good for a coldSleep is good for the FluWhen I get a case of the FearsWhat is a character to do?It is not bacteriaAlthough it can eat away my soulIt is not a virusYet, it can keep me from ambiance wholeI know what will do the trick,What will put me back on top,A great big bowl of Ice CreamWill exceedingly hit the spotThat was great and now I am doneOne bowl just won't doIf one is good, then more is greatAnd now I have eaten two.Bowls three, four, five and sixCame and then they wentI think my case of the fears are fixedLook at how my time was spentI am being paid sleepyIt is time to go to bedMy fears are no longer in my stomachNow they are in my headI close my eyes and I can boil Fears I want to killI will do, anything it takesTo keep the monsters still.

I Hate The Wait (Weight)

I get up in the morningAnd want to stay in bedOh, so nice and warmLike fresh from the oven bread.My day is oh so busyI wish that I could stayIn the quiet of my houseIf only I could play.

Why I enjoy Writing?

During interviews and broad-spectrum conversations with the public,one of the most challenging questions for me to answer(timely and thoroughly) is,"Why do you enjoy writing"?So due to the challenge manifested in such a question,I pondered on creating an answer. Many reasons came to mind,but after digesting much"time for thought",I managed to condense my reaction to three items.


Growing hurts sometimes; saying goodbye to friends, to effects you've known and done to effects you required to do. Growing heals sometimes the devastated dreams and hopes of a life you once knew leading you to a new comprehension of yourself.

Kens Poem

How wonderfully sweet to be a dweller dwelling on the road of goodbye. Bittersweet tears fall as I think of all the seats I'll never see, all the faces I'll never know, all the joys I'll never share, as I head for the unknown.

Find the Magic

FIND the MAGICFind the Magic As you circulate old repression Come out of hiding And see the starsFind the Magic As you expose the pain Let the tears flow And find beauty in your bodyFind the Magic As you scream from the beating Run from the threats And feel the affection of a hugFind the Magic As the hardly girl is silenced Told she is too smart for her own good And she finds her place of honor as she speaks her mindFind the Magic As the ghosts creep into dream Haunt your daily life And you meet them at the crossroads and move onFind the Magic As you drift out of your body, avoiding the anger Observe the separation And you join the body temple once again to cheer in this exclusive wonderFind the Magic As you listen in to the conflicts and Watch in horror And emerge from the water whole and delightful in a rainbow of colorsFind the Magic, For you are whole once again� 2004 Susan BaconSusan Bacon is an researcher, educator and author. Acquaintance her because of her web site http://www.

Ocean Heal Me

Ocean Heal MeOcean heal my wounds Let your waves curl and foam on my body Wash away blood, heal scarsOcean renew me with your power As constantly you roll Giving asset that's been drainedOcean keep me warm Wrap me in your brine Caress me with your tidesOcean disband my tears As they flow in you I purify my soulOcean let me grow in your depths Color me alive blue, coral, green Clear = revitalizedOcean your spray anoints me Cool and refreshed My spiritual renewalOcean be my friend Hold me flowing in your currents Ever moving, ever changingOcean, heal me.� 1983 Susan BaconSusan Bacon is a researcher, creator and teacher.


now is not the time to open open that great door again not the time to be more tolerant not the time to play to winnow is not the time for justice evolution mercy choices not the time to pet the puppies yipping with pathetic voicesnow is not the time for kindness not the time for compromise not the time for loving blindness not the time to close my eyesnow for one too many people not that i have gained no good heart has sown but flesh is reaping tears to mind and atrophied bloodnow my inner wolf seeks equals only those whose chords can howl deadly whether lone or social defending young or on the prowltell me not that you would die upon the spines of my displeasure live for me and for you will i cherish each cell as if a treasureput me not contained by a cage but roam with me all through snow and sun be by my side or breathe my dust for i shall bleed again for noneNiki Lasher Artist, Writer, and Webmatron http://www.kthulah.


JOINEDHeart beat of man pounding - yet unheard joined becomes the beat of a nation.Words of man written - yet unread joined becomes a proclamation.

My Final Defeat - Fixed Competition

She almost certainly can't commit to memory and I know I can never forget..

You Lost Your Last Chance and Me

I will never think twice nor will I roll the dice When it comes to my life I will take my Grannio's adviceYou play the hand you're dealt when it comes to who will be your Dad - But if you bluff about a card's face value for too many years you disregard you had - No Aces or King of Hearts in your first deck - But instead a worthless Joker-So Wild and Mad..

Its What She Didnt Say

When I hear your voice exclusive my head it makes me think of you every lone day as I fight back tears of despondency and astonishment if you're okayMy life is empty lacking you I wish time would take away the pain but the ache in my heart persists and my austere hopes seem in vainI accomplish how much I hurt you and now I know it's too late to tell you how sorry I am and anticipate you not to hateI don't deserve a be with attempt to show you how much I care when you considered necessary me the most I know I botched to be thereNow your trust in me is gone eternally and I will never have the accidental to say I exceedingly hope your dreams come true and happiness finds you every dayI would give just about something in life if I could go back to that day and erase the lot I said and did to make your anguish go awayWhat hurts the most is this is what you didn't say and the nonappearance of these words haunt me each and every day..

My hero, my best friend, my Grannio (a.k.a my Grandmother)

She raised me like I was her own daughter from the day I was born 32 years ago.She loved me like minion else has ever loved me in my life.

Ive Learned

You cannot make a big cheese love you. All you can do is be a big cheese who can be loved.

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Mayor John Dailey reads favorite poem at Big Bend Poets meeting

Big Bend Poets and Writers hosted Mayor John Dailey Tuesday evening, June 11.

A Poet Yearning for Knowledge  Hyperallergic

I am sitting in a cafe on Manhattan's Upper West Side thinking about what I am going to write about Ron Padgett's Big Cabin (2019), which Coffee House Press ...

The Poetic Vinyl of Susan Howe and Nathaniel Mackey  Hyperallergic

Curated by Shannon Ebner, this LP combines recordings of poems as well as archival material from 1991 through 2018. Ken WalkerJune 16, 2019 · Facebook ...

Ted Kooser's 'American Life in Poetry' (June 16) | Living  Omaha World-Herald

Here's a fine poem about a loving, attentive father, by Elise Hempel, who lives in Illinois. Notice how deftly she's placed her rhymes so that we scarcely notice ...

Logan student receives nation's highest honor for youth poets  Cache Valley Daily

Taylor Fang has been keeping a secret for several months and she's “super excited” to finally be able to share the good news. The 17-year-old Logan High ...

Retired law enforcement officer turns to poetry

While most people enjoy retirement by traveling or catching up on reading, other's get a creative spark. That describes one Pocatello man who enjoys writing ...

With poetry and cello, Paul Kelly & Co. take flight  Sydney Morning Herald

The poetry of Wright, Keats, Hardy takes flight in a performance which blends classical music and blue grass with one of Australia's most distinctive voices.

American Life in Poetry | Ragged Right |  Lincoln Journal Star

When I was a nasty little kid I once made fun of a girl in my school because her father worked cutting up dead animals at a rendering plant. My.

Jim Harrison’s Essential Poetry  National Review

In the spring of 1956, the popular poet and critic John Ciardi, *fresh* off his iconic translation of The Inferno, became the poetry editor of Saturday Review.

Writers Read: Upcoming event features new poetry by Armand Brint  Ukiah Daily Journal

The leading headline. in Thursday's local paper reads,. “Hay Truck Overturns.” The article- which appears above the fold—. includes a photo of stacked bales.

Public library to host afternoon poetry event  Texarkana Gazette

A free annual poetry presentation by Eloise Turner will begin at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Texarkana Public Library, 600 W. Third St. in Texarkana, Texas, in the ...

How Instagram Could Stifle a New Generation of Poets  OZY

It all started when Nikita Gill realized that the number of likes on her most successful Instagram posts had stalled. “I had been getting about 20,000 likes but then ...

Winners of Our Blackout Poetry Contest  The New York Times

We challenged teenagers to create blackout poetry from pages of the print New York Times, and we told them to surprise us. They did.

A poet-to-poet perspective on the life and works of St. Francis Assisi  Angelus News

Today, medieval cathedrals still do what they were meant to do — draw our hearts up to God — because they are organic. Their form and *content*, architecture ...

Poetry and art collide, cascade in new Artworks exhibition  Loveland Reporter-Herald

From provocative paintings to soothing sculptures, Artworks Loveland has developed a deserved reputation for being a place to see the newest visual creations ...

Sanderson Dean’s ‘Stark Raving Dad’ turns frazzled parenting into poetry  The Mercury News

A Burlingame dad channeled his parenting frustrations into clever, witty poetry.

Detroit poet's latest work is an Afrofuturistic world of poetry, dance, and techno music  Michigan Radio

jessica Care moore is an award-winning poet and activist who grew up in Detroit. This week, she returns to her hometown to debut a unique performance.

Toronto poet Dionne Brand wins Ontario's Trillium Book Award for Poetry

Dionne Brand has won Ontario's Trillium Book Award for the province's best English-language title. Toronto's former poet laureate received the $20000 honour ...

Kate Tempest: The Book of Traps and Lessons review – living poetry amid the chaos of 2019  The Guardian

(American Recordings/Fiction) Producer Rick Rubin has pared back the effects, giving Tempest's songs about trying to love and dance through our current crises ...

A Hunk and a Savant Walk Into a Poetry Class. …  The New York Times

Lucy Ives's debut novel, “Loudermilk,” satirizes both “bro” culture and the culture of creative writing programs in one fell swoop.

Poetry & Playlists: Dear Sam

"But I seek one who came to you too soon / Said Orpheus to the god of the dead."

News > Arts & Culture > Poet Laureate announces inaugural prizewinner  University of Leeds

Simon Armitage has performed one of his first official duties since becoming Poet Laureate, announcing the winner of the University of Leeds' new poetry prize.

The Bittersweet Poetry of “Lima :: Limón”  The New Yorker

Dan Chiasson reviews Natalie Scenters-Zapico's latest poetry collection, “Lima :: Limón,” which probes the richness of contradiction.

Trans poet Jos Charles “rearranges the alphabet to survive its ferocity against her body”  Queerty

By writing in a language resembling Middle English, Charles challenges the reader to reconsider the constraints we place around gender...

For the love of poetry | TNS  The News on Sunday

With his translation of some of the best works by legendary poet Sachal Sarmast, Ghaffar has once again, outdone himself.

‘We Will Not Be Exorcised’  The New York Times

Poets have always been writing while disabled. Here is new work by seven of them.

26 New Poetry Collections By LGBTQIA+ Writers To Look Out For In 2019  Bustle

If you've ever looked at your nightstand and thought, I should read more poetry, now is the perfect time to get started on broadening your reading horizons.

The Poetry to the People tour brings renowned poets to deliver readings outside Carnegie Library  PGH City Paper

On Sat., June 15, visitors to Carnegie Library's main branch will find collections of books to borrow not only inside the building but outside of it. The Poetry to the ...

Long life and poetry  Illinois Times

I recently sat down with John and Peg Knoepfle at their residence in Hickory Glen to ask questions about their life experiences, both personal and literary.

Eve Ewing Untangles Time in New Poetry Collection 1919 Launched at Writers Museum

By Ariel Parrella-Aureli. Eve Ewing knows how to pack a room and capture the moment. With her goofy humor and charismatic energy, the local author, poet, ...

Oxford poetry professor contest kicks off amid growing controversy  The Guardian

Three candidates – Alice Oswald, Andrew McMillan and Todd Swift – issue campaign statements, as efforts to exclude Swift gather steam.

Meet the Sudanese duo bringing poetry to Dubai's next generation  Gulf News

Dubai: Up until recently not many young ears in the UAE were attuned to the nuances of poetry. Most bookstores didn't have more than a few collections and ...

A poet turns photographer: Hannah Drake’s ‘Finding Me’ opens Sunday  Insider Louisville

Louisvillians are getting the chance to see another side of Hannah Drake's talent and discover that her eye for rhyme is just as skillful in photography.

Hillsborough survivors' words shortlisted for Forward poetry prize  The Guardian

Truth Street by David Cain, which combines eyewitness accounts of the 1989 disaster, is nominated for best debut in year when 'poetry has come down from its ...

Les Murray's memorial largely celebrated in his own words  Sydney Morning Herald

It was Les Murray who insisted that his own poetry should stand on its own merits, without the need for mediation. So the first state memorial *service* given to a ...

Victoria poet Eve Joseph recalls her journey to winning Griffin prize  Times Colonist

Winning the Griffin Poetry Prize — the biggest cash prize for poetry in Canada — felt just like having her first poem accepted for publication, says Vic West's Eve ...

Martha's Vineyard News | Islanders Remember Poet Judith Neeld  The Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard News

A dozen poets gathered at the West Tisbury Library to remember Judith Neeld, who died in April at age 90, read her work and celebrate her recently-published ...

The Last Word review – young artists speak truth to poetry  The Guardian

This festival gives voice to up-and-coming performers, from poetry slam winner Rakaya Esime Fetuga to the painfully funny Jack Rooke.

Concerning the Meaning Molecule in Poetry  lareviewofbooks

JUNE 15, 2019. This piece appears in the Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly Journal: The Occult, No. 22. To receive the LARB Quarterly Journal, become ...

Bill Murray Helps Honor Waldman and Whitman at 24th Annual Poetry Walk  Bedford + Bowery

After 24 years, the Poetry Walk Over the Brooklyn Bridge has become a literary tradition in New York City, and it was especially significant this year because of ...

Bringing together dance and poetry  The New Indian Express

This Kuchipudi performance attempts to capture shades of life through unique mix of Thyagaraja kritis, English prose and poetry.

Yemeni poetry thrives despite trauma of civil war  The Guardian

Poets explore how the artform can unite people on different sides of conflict.

What poets and scientists have in common  Cosmos

Science and poetry haven't always got along. The English poet John Keats (who also trained as a medical doctor) famously wrote the following in his narrative ...

‘Don’t Read Poetry’ is a literary manual for the Instagram era  The Washington Post

Stevie Smith, best known for her macabre short poem “Not Waving but Drowning,” could have furnished an alternative title for Stephanie Burt's guidebook “Don't ...

This 13-year-old is teaching people about climate change through poetry

Thirteen-year-old Quinn MacAskill hopes she can motivate people to care about climate change through her poetry. "I think climate art is a very effective way to ...

Scientists and poets are more alike than you might think  The Conversation - UK

Science and poetry haven't always got along. The English poet John Keats (who also trained as a medical doctor) famously wrote the following in his narrative ...

Simon Armitage: ‘I always thought, if Ted Hughes can do it why can’t I?’  The Guardian

Grit, wit and a focus on the everyday made the 21st poet laureate a popular choice. He shares his plans for his tenure, his aversion to 'big P political poetry' and ...

Going Home With Ocean Vuong  The Atlantic

He's best known as an award-winning young poet, and he's now getting attention for his novel, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous. But I first knew him as a ...

A trail of poetry to be engraved on Middlebury sidewalks  Addison County Independent

MIDDLEBURY — Addison County's poetic legacy is etched in its soul. Its impressive roll call of literary luminaries includes Robert Frost, Julia Alvarez, Ruth ...

Poet laureate brings passion for poetry to Clark County  Las Vegas Review-Journal

Poet Laureate Heather Lang-Cassera wants Clark County residents to pick up pens and create verse.

Father-son evening of music and poetry: Help Karim get to Tanglewood

On June 15, ArtSpace Herndon will present a special fundraising program to help Karim Maggio, a young talented cellist, participate this summer in a music ...

Maryland's Poet Laureate on How Poetry Slows You Down  Lion's Roar

“People find out who they are by writing,” says Maryland poet laureate Grace Cavalieri. At 86, Cavalieri tells Haleigh Atwood, she's still writing. Grace Cavalieri is ...

Local poetry-poster gets warning from city of Holland

HOLLAND — The artist behind poems that occasionally can be seen taped to trees in Holland parks and around downtown has been put on notice by the city.

120 Malaysian students study poetry in Tanjungpinang  ANTARA

Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands (ANTARA) - A total of 120 students from Malaysia studied poetry and arts of Malay culture during a three-day training program, ...

American Life in Poetry: 'Work' by Sally Bliumis-Dunn  The Spokesman-Review

When I was a nasty little kid I once made fun of a girl in my school because her father worked cutting up dead animals at a rendering plant. My mother sat me ...

Duo brings poetry, power to upcoming performance  Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

Stand and Sway, an Americana roots duo with a bracing belief in the power of music to mend the world, will play a show at 7:30 p.m. Friday, June 14, at Vashon ...

Elemental Verse: How poetry influenced scientists  The Independent

Science and poetry haven't always got along. The English poet John Keats (who also trained as a medical doctor) famously wrote the following in his narrative ...

'until I am' wins 2019 Georgia Poet Laureate's Prize for Marietta teen  SaportaReport

By David Pendered. This year's teen winner of the Georgia Poet Laureate's Prize explores questions of self that respond directly to Henri Cole, another ...

Poetry and remembrance for D-Day heroes in Normandy  Sky News

The Prince of Wales was in attendance along with senior politicians and veterans of the D-Day campaign.

West Chester’s star-studded poetry meetup has a new twist: Cheap tix for schoolteachers  The Philadelphia Inquirer

The West Chester University Poetry Conference is one of the country's biggest and best regarded. Along with reaching out to teachers and students, the ...

Poetry & Playlists: 2 Poems by Emily Brown

Apocalyptically quiet, Emily Brown's poems make demands of the reader and the world.

The best recent poetry – review roundup  The Guardian

Whereas by Layli Long Soldier; When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities by Chen Chen; and Dear Big Gods by Mona Arshi.

He Hears America Singing Guns N’ Roses  The New York Times

In “Nouns & Verbs: New and Selected Poems,” Campbell McGrath celebrates chain restaurants, rock music and the joyful raucous stupidity of pop culture.

Powerful poetry punches through Islamophobia in 'Slam' | Movie News  SBS

With a history of exile, Sydney-based Indian filmmaker Partho Sen-Gupta embraces revolutionary poetry at the heart of his Sydney Film Festival feature, 'Slam'.

The Making of Poetry: Coleridge, the Wordsworths and their Year of Marvels by Adam Nicolson  Financial Times

A new kind of literary biography relives the 'year of poetic marvels' that Wordsworth and Coleridge spent in Somerset.

How Walt Whitman's Decade In Washington Changed His Life -- And His Poetry  WAMU 88.5

On the 200th anniversary of the poet's birth, Washingtonians reflect on his time in D.C..

Arts & Extras: Poetry in motion  Roanoke Times

The 19th-century French writer Charles Baudelaire once described the art of dance as “poetry with arms and legs.”

Opinion: Poetry to mark Trump's 73rd birthday  Newsday

Friday is President Donald Trump's 73rd birthday. Have you gotten him a gift yet? No? Good! Because I hear from an impeccably unreliable source that Trump ...

Poetry about intense heat, the unsaid and an orang-utan in a suit  The Irish Times

Pat Boran's seventh poetry collection, Then Again (€12.50, Dedalus Press), is described by the publisher as a mini Odyssey. The poems travel outwards taking ...

Young Chicago Authors’ Louder Than A Bomb Poets to Perform at Pitchfork Music Festival 2019  Pitchfork

15 poets from Chicago's youth poetry festival will perform their work in between sets at the Blue Stage.

Screenwriter Gerald DiPego, songwriter Toni Stern to perform 'Comedy, Story and Poetry'  Santa Ynez Valley News

Screenwriter and novelist, Gerald DiPego, has announced that he and songwriter, poet Toni Stern, will present a reading of their works in two performances set ...

From poetry to politics, 6 for your West Seattle Wednesday  West Seattle Blog

From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, which as always includes even more: INTERESTED IN STUDYING HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT? South Seattle ...

COWBOY POETRY: The Wind  Cache Valley Daily

We rolled out of our sleeping bags, then scratched and stretched our legs. The cook was flipping hot cakes, frying hash browns, steak and eggs. Old Jed was ...

For Poet Billy Collins, Vineyard Is Entrancing Isle  The Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard News

At a reading on Sunday at Featherstone Center for the Arts, Billy Collins opened with characteristic humility.

Digging Deeper on the Poet Paul Celan  Jewish Journal

After Auschwitz,” warned Theodor Adorno, “to write poetry is a barbarity.” And yet, ironically, some of the most iconic words ever written about the.

At Cinematique: 'Wild Nights with Emily' an ode to poet Emily Dickinson  Lexington Dispatch

The film runs June 17-19 at Thalian Hall in downtown Wilmington as part of the Cinematique film series. In “Wild Nights with Emily,” former “SNL” cast member ...

A YouTube series on great poets and timeless lyrics  The Hindu

'Naghma O Sher' explores the life of poet-lyricists and their powerful writing.

Local students take top prizes in Dyer-Ives poetry competition  School News Network

Aliya Hall loves the work of poets Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou and Chinaka Hodge. Their strong voices have served as inspiration for her as she's dabbled ...

Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in history, poetry and cultural tourism  Bangor Daily News

LEWISTON, Me- It's typical for coincidences to occur in triplicate. This memorable trifecta cliché came to mind, when a cluster of serendipitous occurrences ...

Lecturer repurposes Romance languages to reflect on its meaning in poetry book  Daily Bruin

Poems will mix multiple languages in “The Latin Poet's Guide to the Cosmos.” Susannah Rodríguez Drissi, a UCLA lecturer in Writing Programs, published her ...

Topeka community honors Poet Laureate of Kansas  WIBW

TOPEKA (WIBW)-- Topeka is home to the 2019--2021 Poet Laureate of Kansas and he wants to share his passion for the arts with the world. Family, friends and ...

Middletown’s 1st poet laureate Susan Allison publishes ‘Be Full’ posthumously  Middletown Press

MIDDLETOWN — Poetess Susan Allison, viewed by the Middletown arts community as a visionary, and beloved by those who knew her, died in May 2018 at 56 ...

An Art Barge, Virtual Reality Poetry, A Local Fair, And More To Expect At This Year's By The People Festival  DCist

For the next two weeks, a onetime Jonathan Adler outpost is being repurposed as a gallery for the work of 51 local artists—including an angular fountain, ...

'Words Will Take You Places': Sarasota's Middle School Poetry Cafe  WUSF News

In a courtyard gazebo at Booker Middle School in Sarasota, dozens of kids with berets on are eating cake. Parents and assorted family members mingle with.

Applications Now Being Accepted for Inaugural Poet Laureate of Eureka  Redheaded Blackbelt

The City of Eureka and the Ink People Center for the Arts announce that applications are now being accepted for the Inaugural Poet Laureate of Eureka.

Instagram threatens to stifle a new generation of poets  Financial Times

It all started when Nikita Gill realised that the number of likes on her most successful Instagram posts had stalled. “I had been getting about 20,000 likes but then ...

Iranian Poet Once Praised By Supreme Leader Lands In IRGC Custody  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

Poet Hossein Jannati, who was praised by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has reportedly been charged with national-security crimes over a poem ...

The Making of Poetry by Adam Nicolson review – when Coleridge met the Wordsworths  The Guardian

This investigation into the birth of the Romantic movement is the perfect marriage of poetry and place.

The Life of Forgotten Poet Letitia Elizabeth Landon  JSTOR Daily

The newly published biography L.E.L.: The Lost Life and Scandalous Death of Letitia Elizabeth Landon, the Celebrated “Female Byron,” written by literary critic ...

Charleston's Gaillard Center names poet Marcus Amaker to its artist-in-residence program  Charleston Post Courier

The Charleston Gaillard Center has announced that Charleston Poet Laureate Marcus Amaker will join the organization as an artist-in-residence.

Where Poetry Fights for Justice, Flowers Bloom  Cultured Magazine

Watch an exclusive video of the opening night for 'Where the Land is Free,' an exhibition presented by VOICES: Poetry for the People on view at Bakehouse Art ...

The Z-Line Poetry's Second Installment of Local Writers Is here!

Hello again, my friends, and welcome all to "The Z-Line," a monthly feature highlighting poems by our current Bushwick neighbors and/or natives. For this ...

UVM's Major Jackson Selected as Co-Editor of 'The Best American Poetry'  Seven Days

Acclaimed poet and South Burlington resident Major Jackson, an English professor at the University of Vermont, has been selected as co-editor of the 2019 ...

Sixty seconds on . . . poetry  The BMJ

BMJ 2019; 365 doi: (Published 05 June 2019) Cite this as: BMJ 2019;365:l2405. Linked BMJ Opinion. Richard Smith: A book of ...

Poetry Workshop Leads Into Summer Programming at St. Peter's College

Bolt FMs own Eilish McAnally was one of the participants in the St. Peter's College Poetry Workshop held on Saturday, June 8th. The free workshop sponsored ...

The Sisyphus Stones Are Back, With More Poetry Too

Artist Uliks Gryka took a break from placing carefully balanced stones in Riverside Park over looking the Hudson River last year, but he's back now. He told us he ...

Why Houston — ugly-beautiful city of sweat and oil — needs poetry [Opinion]  Houston Chronicle

I was honored, earlier this month, to be named Houston's poet laureate. My work is rooted in this city, and in the lives my family and I have made here.

Milwaukee Poet Wins The 2019 Robert Frost Prize  WUWM

Milwaukee poet David Southward has won the 2019 International Frost Farm Prize for metrical poetry for Mary's Visit , a poem written in a sestina form.

St. Louisan Justin Phillip Reed Wins Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry  Riverfront Times

Justin Phillip Reed, a native of South Carolina and current resident of St. Louis, won the award for Gay Poetry for his poetry collection Indecency...

‘If You’re Reading These Words, We’ve Succeeded’: Prison Poetry Program Help Inmates Break Stereotypes  CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Every day, people are sentenced to prison for a variety of crimes. They're all different from race, age and even the crimes they committed.

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